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Heal the Bay - Report Card


Ocean & Bay Closures, Warnings and Advisories Status Report

Report Issued:  July 30, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Report is updated when a change of status occurs.

Updates by phone: (714) 433-6400

sign: Keep Out


Ocean and bay waters are closed when an immediate health hazard is identified such as a sewage spill.  Click a closure when displayed to see the location.

No ocean, harbor, or bay water closures are currently in effect.



Ocean and bay waters are posted with warning signs when bacterial levels in ocean or bay waters exceed health standards. Click a posting when displayed to see the location.

Seal Beach - From the San Gabriel River jetty to 300 feet downcoast of the San Gabriel River Jetty (posted 7/30/2015).

Newport Bay - 300 feet south of the boat dock on the west side of Newport Dunes (posted 7/29/2015).

Yellow Warning Sign


Ocean or bay water advisories are issued to alert the public of real or possible elevated bacteria levels associated with urban and storm runoff at outlets, such as storm drains, creeks and rivers that can impact ocean and bay waters.  Click an advisory when displayed to see the outlet location where ocean bacterial levels have exceeded health standards in the mixing zone between the runoff and the receiving ocean water.

No outlets, where urban runoff mixes with ocean receiving waters, are currently posted for a confirmed exceedance of health standards.

The Environmental Health staff advises that levels of bacteria can rise significantly in ocean and bay waters adjacent to storm drains, creeks and rivers. Swimmers should avoid coastal waters impacted by discharging storm drains creeks and rivers, and beach users should avoid contact with any runoff on the beach during dry or wet weather conditions.

Nowcast / Predictive Modeling Pilot Project

The County of Orange is currently participating in a nowcast pilot project in collaboration with Heal the Bay and Stanford University. The project is operating at 3 beach locations within Southern California, one being at the San Juan Creek mouth at Doheny State Beach. A nowcast is a computer-based model that predicts daily bacteriological water quality, much like a daily weather forecast. The nowcast will be updated daily, Monday through Friday and some weekends, through September 12, 2015. Click here to learn more about this pilot project.

Doheny State Beach – The ocean water area fronting the mouth of the San Juan Creek.

Today's Nowcast
July 30, 2015

Previous Sample Results
 July 27, 2015




Ocean water bacteria levels are predicted to meet state health standards at this location.

Enterococci = 9 CFU/ml

Fecal Coliform = 9 CFU/ml

Total Coliform >/= 150 CFU/ml 

Ocean water is considered safe for contact when the following health standards are not exceeded:

Enterococci 104 CFU/ml
Fecal Coliform 400 CFU/ml
Total Coliform 10,000 CFU/ml



Red Warning Sign


Long term warnings occur at locations where bacterial levels consistently exceed health standards, usually from the impact of urban runoff. Click on a posting to see the location.

Newport Bay - Harbor Tower Marina at Pacific Coast Highway and Newport Blvd. (posted 5/6/1999).

How to Contact Us

To report a sewage spill during normal business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm), call: (714) 433-6419

To report a sewage spill after normal business hours, on weekends or holidays, call: (714) 628-7008

To report a bather illness or if you have any other questions, during business hours call: (714) 433-6280